Modern Electric Tractors Incorporated

Our Company

As concerned citizens of the United States and Canada, the founders of METI hope to reduce the environmental impact of routine lawn care and maintenance and the dependency on imported fossil fuels by providing a viable alternative to the internal combustion products currently being produce.

Each founder of METI currently owns and regularly uses a battery powered mower.  We each enjoy and believe in the technology.

Mission Statement

     Our goal is to provide affordable high quality electric tractors for the average consumer which will improve their quality of life by reducing pollution created from internal combustion engine machines, reducing harmful noise exposures, and have a reduced cost of operation when compared to the current models available. Where possible, we will use parts and materials that are environmentally responsible and from like minded companies. Efficient DC technology (motors/drives) will be used. Power will be from onboard batteries which are recharged from normal house current or from renewable energy sources such as solar or wind.