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FEATURES OF THE SWITCH-MODE BATTERY CHARGER (JAC SERIES for deep cycle batteries including AGM) • A completely automatic charger that is less than 1/3 the size and less than 1/3 the weight of a conventional automatic charger. A 20-amp 36-volt charger.  The dimensions are 10 “ x 7 ½” x 6 ½” (inches) and weights 13 pounds. • Being solid state this charger will charge a much more severely discharged battery than the conventional automatic charger. Typically a conventional automatic charger will not charge a 36-volt battery system with less than 30-volts. This charger will charge a a 36-volt battery system with less than 15-volts . • After the over-night charge this charger goes into a float mode that can stay on your battery for months and will keep it charged but will not overcharge the battery. By not letting the batteries become completely discharged, you will not get as much lead sulfur on the plates of the battery and this will result in a longer battery life. • This charger is auto sensing and is rated at 115/230 at 50 or 60 cycle. You do not have to switch from one voltage to another. Just plug it in and it will work any where in the world. • If the power goes off our charger will start charging as soon as the power comes back on. • This being a constant current charger, this charger will charge your battery about 15% faster than a conventional automatic charger. • The 20-amp charger has a switch to switch from a flooded to a sealed battery.
• Includes a 14-hour timer. If your battery would have a shorted cell, the charger will not just continue to charge but will shut off, you only need to turn the charger off and back on again to start it charging again. You should check your batteries first to make sure they are in good condition. • PC board has a baked-on epoxy for moisture resistance