Modern Electric Tractors Incorporated

Using the components and systems developed for the METI Tractor, a G.E., New Idea, or Wheel Horse electric/battery tractor can easily be up-graded.

A Repower kit eliminates much of the electronics of the original design.  A kit has been designed for owners of the E-20, E-15, E-14, and E-12s.  One kit developed will reuse the original PTO contactor, a main contactor, a RTN contactor.  Instructions have been developed for what wiring to remove and how to modify the original throttle-control.

The METI Repower Kit uses a proven GE golf cart control used worldwide by major manufacturers. Here are some of the benefits to repowering your tractor using the METI Kit:

- The 262EV1 controller is programmable using GE Sentry software for specific tractor requirements.
- 300+ amp capability.
- Very quiet without any noticeable SCR "buzzing"
- No internal relays in it.
- This control will not regenerate but will provide smoother acceleration and deceleration due to plugging limits and controlled current ramp rates.
- METI can connect a laptop to the unit for programming or diagnostic information.
- All the troublesome finger relays used on older ET's are eliminated.
- The only relays are for main power, PTO, and RTO (return to off - safety for the PTO if you get off the seat).
- No power resistors are required so battery life at low speed is extended.
- Troubleshooting is simple with many fewer components.
- Optional new power gage displays voltage and current information.