Modern Electric Tractors Incorporated

The METI Classic 

The METI Classic shown uses a front-mount mower attachment (either the G.E. style or one of our own design).   The METI Classic is a commercial quality machine, designed to handle heavy use.  The 48" rear-discharge deck shown in the picture is fabricated from 9-gauge steel.

A number of options are provided such as choice of throttle controls, tire sizes and styles, and powered-lifts.


This is a heavy-duty, commercial-grade, garden tractor, which is capable of using ground engaging equiment (tiller, snow-thrower, push-blade).

Standard Package

-Tractor/48" Mower Deck/Batteries/Charger                                                      -heavy duty steel frame and axle construction                                                -heavy duty front spindles                                                                                  -powerful 36 volt traction/drive motor                                                               -main power disconnect                                                                                      -50 amp attachment plug                                                                                     -water resistant State of Charge and Amp gauge                                            -three-speed transaxle for torque range                                                          -variable speed electronic control (top speed is 9 mph)                                -electronic reverse switching                                                                            -meets or exceeds ANSI and UL requirements                                                 -designed to use existing G.E., New Idea, & Wheel Horse attachments       -designed to use most 36 volt golf cart style battery chargers                      -designed for front-mount mower deck                                                            -external 12 volt cigarette style plug for accessories