Modern Electric Tractors Incorporated

In 2008, a small group of electric mower enthusiasts, with a wide variety of expertise and backgrounds, formed Modern Electric Tractors, Inc. to do research and development of battery operated riding mower products, which have not been widely manufactured and available for nearly fourty years.

Although we have now developed and produced a limited number of the METI Classics, snow-blowers, and Re-Power Kits, we have determined it will only be feasible to produce additional units in conjunction with a company currently producing lawn and garden equipment or other related products.

A time frame for availability of additional units has yet to be determined.

Phase I

To show feasibility of producing such a product, we have taken the original General Electric Elec-Trak concept and design of the 1970's, which is proven, and then advanced it. The METI Classic has a body-style which is very similar to the original Elec-Trak with minor changes. By following the original Elec-Trak design, the Classic is compatible with the attachments built for the battery-operated Elec-Trak, New Idea, and Wheel Horse series of mowers of the 70's and 80's. We have upgraded the electronics, beefed up the frame, raised the height of the rear battery box to accommodate taller batteries, and incorporated a stronger lift.

The electrical upgrade uses a proven programmable GE Controller, which eliminates the old control-board design. Other notable improvements on the original Elec-Trak design include a traction motor which is three times the rated HP of the largest model G.E. produced (the E-20 Elec-Trak), the belt-drive is now a cog-style belt, and the new Peerless transaxle has a locking differential. We use mower deck-motors rated at twice the HP of the units used on the original Elec-Trak design as well. This is a truly awesome, very durable machine intended to last the owner a lifetime.

Phase II

After our initial limited production run of the custom built units, and reviewing the excellent positive responses to our website; we are now actively seeking financing, investors, and partnerships with companies having the appropriate production capability to move on to the next level of mass production and distribution.  Our hope is to attain a lower price/higher quality consistency in our products.

Once a relationship is established, this will allow almost immediate production in sufficient quantities to meet the anticipated demand and at the same time provide us and our customers with an established dealer network.

While continuing to research and develop additional new and viable products, our intent is to build and sell high quality machines, which will rival the machines of the 70's and 80's in ruggedness, durability, and flexibility.  

Thank you all again for your support and encouragement.  Feel free to contact us for additional information via the form located on the Request Information page.

The METI Team